The Narrative of Beltane 2018 – in Photos

THE NARRATIVE OF BELTANE 2018 – IN PHOTOSp01article002357wp.png

ㅤStory via hocuspocus13 – "Although Beltane is known as a joyful celebration with fire, a narrative does guide events. Amongst a cavalcade of characters, and set to the beating of the drums, the May Queen leads Her court around Calton Hill to begin the journey toward summer; her counterpart the Green Man is stripped of his winter guise and reborn. Together they light the traditional Beltane bonfire in celebration of the life and warmth ahead in the summer months…"

Full story…at Beltane Fire Society, image from wordpress(.com) – 5/1/18. Tags: beltane, may queen, green man. 𑗉𑗉

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