The EU’s Magical Thinking on the Israeli-Arab Conflict


ㅤ"The EU has been particularly feckless, spending billions of Euros paying off the Palestinian Arabs so that they and their fellow jihadists don’t unleash terrorist hordes to disturb la dolce vita of European elites. Fearful of the disgruntled unassimilated Muslim immigrants they have let invade their countries, they have demonized Israel’s ‘illegal occupation’ and ‘disproportionate use of force,’ and winked at growing anti-Semitism and Muslim violence, all in the hopes that they will escape the wrath of Allah’s ‘martyrs.’"

Full story at David Horowitz’s FrontPage Mag, image from breitbart(.com) – 5/18/18. See "eu, immigrants, anti-semitism, jihadists."ㅤHome

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