America’s Economy Is BOOMING Thanks To Republican Victories Spearheaded By President Trump

Story via Sutter Media.

ㅤ”After two years of watching Trump perform as President, enacting many of the policies he proposed as a candidate and fighting to keep the promises he made, we don’t have to rely on empty words like the Democrats. Thanks to him we have tangible results and an indisputable track record of winning to campaign on…”

Full story at Sutter Media. Posted here on 10/9/18. See “donald trump, trump, president trump”.

Sutter Media

Never forget, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy and his policy positions on trade, deregulation, tax cuts, economic growth, tariffs, and everything else relating to employers and employment in America, everybody entangled in the swamp – members of the GOP and DNC alike – stood against him. They mocked his rhetoric when he called out American companies for outsourcing jobs for cheap labor, dismissed it when he pointed out the results of it (loss of jobs for American workers), said he was unhinged when he ripped China – and several other countries – for unfair trade practices, for lop-sided tariffs set against us, for stealing the intellectual property from us, and for devaluing their currency to maintain their artificial edge.

They ridiculed, dismissed, and derided all of it, and they did the same to all the millions of Americans who heard what he was saying and agreed. As they say…

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