Hey, Liberals: Let’s “Unify” the Nation

Story via Trigger Reset.

ㅤ”Unity means our elite not being jerks, and that’s why unity’s not in the cards anytime soon.”

Full story at Townhall. Posted here on 11/1/18. See “unify, conservative agenda, unity, elite”.

Trigger Reset

In these troubled times, so many of our betters in our beloved and respected elite have cried out that Americans must put aside our petty differences and come together, and I agree.

Let’s unify around the conservative agenda of the guy we elected president, Donald Trump.

Now, we have to unify around something, right? So, if we’re going to unify around something, shouldn’t we do it around the policies of the guy who won the presidency? Around the party that currently holds both houses of Congress? Around the side that holds the majority on the Supreme Court?

Ouch. Too soon?

Look, I mean, I could be cynical. I could doubt the sincerity of our moral superiors. I could engage in nutty conspiracy theories to the effect that the leftist whackos on CNNMSNBC and their Fredocon pals really mean we should unify around them and their preferred policies.

Which, of course…

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