The Politics of Open Borders

Story via Save Our American Republic.

ㅤ”I have lived on the border my whole life. People have no idea what goes on down here. Cartels or smugglers will buy a warehouse on the Mexican side and tunnel through to the American side.
ㅤThe tunnels are very sophisticated with rails and ventilation. Some operate for years before they are discovered. Tons of drugs and thousands of illegals have passed through the tunnels undetected.”

Full story at Save Our American Republic. Posted here on 12/15/18. See “open borders, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration”.


  1. Thank you for the reblog. Incidentally, the last tunnel was only discovered when it caved in on the American side of the border. Earlier this year, a tunnel was discovered linking a home in Mexico to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Smugglers bought the KFC and used it to warehouse and distribute drugs. Those of us who live on the border understand that Mexico poses a national security threat.

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      1. Exactly. We need to militarize the border. The United States has deployed over 23,000 troops to defend South Korea, but less than 6,000 unarmed Marines to assist our Border Patrol. The law needs to be changed so that America can defend the integrity of its border. A Marine Colonel at the San Diego port of entry said, “We are not here to conduct law enforcement.” This is no longer a law enforcement problem, but a matter of national security. There may be as many as 20 million illegal aliens residing in the country. That is not immigration, but an invasion. Drug smuggling only compounds the threat level, and diseases that were once eradicated in the U.S. are resurfacing. Immigrants in the caravan have been diagnosed with a variety of diseases including HIV, measles, hepatitis A, influenza and tuberculosis. If they had tried to enter through Ellis Island 100 years ago they would have been shipped back to Europe. Wall or no wall … the border must be closed.

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  2. I agree 100%, though I would be content with reducing drug smuggling. If the Dems continue block all other means of closing the borders, the military will have to start shooting people. The Dems will be responsible for fascism in the USA. Not us.


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