Follow Swords

If you are an experienced WordPress user, then do what you know you need to do.

If you like my blog and don’t have much interest in WordPress, the best way to follow Swords is by installing a newsreader app on your mobile device.  You will be notified when there is a new post and a single click will take you directly to the post’s web page where the article will be presented the way I intend it to be presented.  You don’t need a WordPress account.  You don’t need to provide an email address.

My choice of newsreader app for Android is gReader Pro.  For iOS, I’ve found Feedly to be satisfactory.  After you have installed your newsreader app, select to add a subscription and search for “”.  You may need to edit the app settings so that clicking on a post in the newsreader takes you directly to the post’s web page.

If you want to follow Swords on your mobile device using the WordPress app, then you need to get a WordPress account and officially follow Swords.  Click the follow button above and wait a bit until the button displays “Following.”

I check how my posts look in the WordPress Reader and I think they look okay.  Even so, the Reader, the WordPress app and your email app will try to condense that, which in the case of Swords, doesn’t need to be condensed, and you probably won’t like the results.