Middle School Invites Cross Dresser Jessica L’Whor to Speak to Children on Career Day

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Full story at Daily Mail. Posted here on 10/29/18. See “colorado, jessica l’whor, denver”.

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A Colorado middle school has apologized for not warning parents that a drag queen would be among the invited guests to speak to students as part of a career day.

The drag queen named Jessica L’Whor was among those who spoke to 12-year-olds at a career and literacy event at Rocky Top Middle School in Denver last Friday.

Introducing herself as “Ms Jessica”, the dancer and performer spoke to the students about her career and bullying.

She read part of a children’s book called ‘Horrible Harry’, which is focused on bullying, and then spoke about the damage it can do to people.

“Ms Jessica” was invited to speak at the career event by a student who is one of her relatives.

Following the outrage from some parents, the school said it was not apologizing for allowing “Ms Jessica” to speak

They did, however, apologize for not warning parents that Ms…

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