Justices urged to reject Trump plea to tighten travel ban

Story at ABC News, image from net.au.

ABC implies that objections were made as part of a protest, when actually SCOTUS gave interested parties until today to present arguments. Entirely expected. The real news will be whose side SCOTUS will favor. I suspect SCOTUS is angry with Hawaii for distorting its ruling. Hawaii will lose and discredit attempts by district courts to set U.S. immigration policy.

No One Cares About Russia in the World Breitbart Made

Story at The New York Times, image from nyt.com.

ㅤThe growing apathy of ALL people about Russia is because, by their own admission, the DP has spent six months looking for real evidence of crimes committed by Russia or the Trump administration and have come up with zilch. All we hear is “he said, she said” from opportunistic scumbags and accusations that politicians are behaving like… like… politicians.
ㅤBesides, even Maxine Waters doesn’t think Trump can be removed from office. The DP has nothing to lose and nothing to gain. I suspect Democrats are growing more apathetic than Trump supporters.

Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Jr. should testify publicly and under oath

[Story at The Washington Examiner, image from wordpress.com]

ㅤIn this latest Trump admin fiasco, I believe Schumer’s response is moderate and reasonable. I particularly like his recommendation that because collusion is what the DP has been trying to prove from the start, that all ongoing investigations be stopped, including Mueller’s. If articles of impeachment are necessary, then get on with it.
ㅤBut as typical of CNN, it doesn’t consider the most important opinion, this time being the opinion of the Senate minority leader, to be front page news. CNN isn’t journalism. It’s a tabloid obsessed with scandals.

Trump Jr. emails trigger knee-jerk drop in stock market

[Story at CNN, image from wordpress.com]

ㅤThe stock market is NOT triggered by current events. Rather trades are made based on anticipated future events. The drop in the DJIA is due to expected continued erosion of investors’ confidence in their Federal government, which is being caused by the media and the DP claiming every event surrounding the Trump administration is a catastrophy.

Cuomo To Conway: CNN Is A ‘Symbol Of Accountability’

[Story at The Daily Caller, image from huffpost.com]
ㅤ”Cuomo said that the White House has been unfair in its attacks against the media and has rallied its followers to believe that the media is made up of ‘bad people.'”

ㅤThe media turns every event into a catastrophy. Very entertaining. Evil is often entertaining.

Chris Cuomo, New Day but same old shit…

Trump confronted Putin on election meddling

[Story at CNN, image from cnn.com]
“Trump was pushing Putin face to face about how Russian interference was a hindrance to moving beyond past poor relations between the two countries.”

According to the WH press briefing:
ㅤ”The President opened the meeting with President Putin by raising the concerns of the AMERICAN PEOPLE regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

Cillizza the Scumbag…

Maddow: It Looks Like Somebody Is Shopping Fishy Documents to Discredit News Networks on Russia Story

[Story at The Independent Journal Review, image from adweek.com]

Historically the media has not only verified their sources. They have consulted with America’s intelligence and security agencies before publishing a story that reveals sensitive information. Apparently the media doesn’t check with the government agencies anymore. We can only hope that the media destroys itself and not the rest of America.

CNN still attacking Trump’s views on Russia meddling

[Story at CNN, image from zerofiltered.com]
“In January, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said this: ‘It’s pretty clear about what took place, about Russian involvement in efforts to hack information and have an impact on American democracy. It is something that America needs to take seriously.'”

We would take Russian hacking more seriously if the media didn’t have so much impact on elections. When the media is biased against candidates, or when the media’s predictions of election results cause people not to bother voting, the media has more negative impact on American democracy than Russia could ever have.

Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor and Moron…

Chuck Todd: Trump ‘Waging a War on the Media,’ Approaching ‘Authoritarianism’

Story at The Independent Journal Review, image from washingtonjewishweek.com

The news media continues to create sympathy for a subversive, violent rebellion against the legitimately elected Federal government of the United States. The participants in the rebellion refuse to accept the correct definition of Democracy and as such are a threat to Democracy. The rebellion includes 12,000 tweets calling for the assassination of the President of the United States, which the news media does not deem to be newsworthy. Sorry Chuck. But I have a strong suspicion that the Trump administration isn’t done with news media quite yet.