White House spokesman: Schumer never made a real offer for Trump’s border wall

Pictured: Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley

ㅤWHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: SCHUMER ‘NEVER MADE A REAL OFFER’ FOR TRUMP’S BORDER WALL ㅤ”‘What Schumer offered the President was an authorization for wall funding. Not an appropriation. And to be honest, that’s D.C. swamp speak for ‘nothing’s ever going to happen.’ So the senator is being disingenuous about what he truly offered the President, just like he’s being disingenuous in blaming someone else for the Schumer shutdown.'”

Full story at The Hill (https://goo.gl/YCP6AN). Image from washingtonexaminer(.com). Tags border patrol, border security, border wall, chuck schumer, dhs, national security, schumer, gidley, catsimatidis, conservative, politics. 1/28/18

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