Dr. Jane Orient on Obamacare: ‘Clean Repeal Is the Place to Start’

Story at Breitbart, image from fdncms.com.
ㅤ”‘Clean repeal is the place to start,’ says Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). ‘It’s the only way to really find out what is in it. If there is anything good for the country as opposed to swampdwellers, let it be enacted by a majority of Congress rather than retained in a back-room deal.'”

Dr. Jane Orient…

BREAKING: Trump, McConnell, Call For Full, Clean Obamacare Repeal

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ㅤ”In the coming days, the Senate will vote to take up the House bill with the first amendment in order being what a majority of the Senate already supported in 2015 and that was vetoed by then-President Obama: a repeal of Obamacare with a two-year delay to provide for a state transition period to a patient-centered health care system that gives Americans access to quality, affordable care.” — Sen. Mitch McConnell

Could This Tax Spark A Republican Civil War?

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They’re talking about repealing or not repealing the 3.8% tax Obama levied on investment income to keep Medicare sustainable for a few more years (8 years vs 11 years). Big deal. The tax doesn’t apply to the middle class whose investments are solely in their 401K and/or their IRA’s. I think the rich should be penalized for not supporting immigration reform. Keep the tax.

Winners and losers complicate GOP’s path on health care bill

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ㅤ”The latest bill includes another $70 billion to help states keep health insurance affordable for older, sicker customers. But it’s not clear how those backstops would work, and the federal funding eventually would end.”


Fake news–federal funding never ends.

Ted Cruz calls for clean Obamacare repeal if GOP can’t pass new healthcare law

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Impossible. The GOP should try to negotiate health care with the Democrats. There is a saying that once an entitlement is in place, it can’t be rescinded. Apparently it’s turned out to be true for Obamacare. Honorable people admit when they’re wrong.

Stop Saying Republican Voters Are ‘Voting against Their Interests’

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By voting Republican, seniors who have not adequately saved money for retirement are definitely voting against their best interests. But is it right that young people who are making sacrifices to save for retirement bear the financial burden of seniors who didn’t save for retirement? I think not.