The Latest: Rep. Jordan says GOP failed to keep its promises

ㅤ"Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio says the GOP lost its House majority in the midterm election because it didn’t deliver on promises to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, fund President Donald Trump’s wall and replace the Obama health care law."

ㅤô¿ô …If Jordan thinks the people dislike failure, just wait till he sees how Trump responds to it !!

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 11/14/18. See "jim jordan, house."

CURL: 26 Lost GOP House Seats Does Not A Blue Wave Make

ㅤ"Presidents almost always lose seats in midterms. Franklin Roosevelt lost 72 House seats in 1938 and 45 in 1942. Harry Truman lost 82 seats in his two midterms and Dwight Eisenhower 66. Lyndon Johnson lost 47 seats, Gerald Ford 48, Ronald Reagan 31, Bill Clinton 54 in his first midterm in 1994, George W. Bush 30 in his second midterm in 2006, and Barack Obama a total of 76 in his two midterms."

Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Posted here on 11/7/18. See "referendum, house, blue wave, conservative."

Trump Endorses Congressional Term Limits


ㅤ"I recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers who feel very strongly in favor of Congressional term limits. I gave them my full support and endorsement for their efforts." — the President

Full story…at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, image from youtube(.com) – 4/30/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, senate, senate republicans, senators, us-congress, term limits. 𑗉𑗉

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Paul Ryan may be forced out of speakership in a matter of months: Report


ㅤ"’Scuttlebutt is that Paul will have to step down from speakership soon,’ a source close to Republican leadership told Axios. ‘Members won’t follow a lame duck, he’ll have no leverage to cut deals, and the last thing they need in this environment is six months of palace intrigue and everyone stabbing everyone else in the back.’"

Full story…at The Washington Examiner, image from reference(.com) – 4/12/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, kevin mccarthy. 𑗉

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Retiring GOP lawmakers cut loose on Trump


ㅤô¿ô …Scumbags. Not a single one of them cited the Republicans’ FAILURE to pass healthcare reform, which the real reason they have slim chance of being re-elected.
ㅤCongress also failed to fund the border wall, pass immigration reform or provide country-wide infrastructure funding. They did manage to pass the biggest spending bill in GOP history, which included funding for planned parenthood, funding for New York City infrastructure and a huge increase in defense spending to please the egomaniac John McCain.
ㅤThen these pussies have the gall to claim President Trump made them quit before being defeated.

Full story…at The Hill, image from onionstatic(.com) – 4/8/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, senate, senate republicans, senators, us-congress. 𑗉

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Rand Paul Says Congressional Votes Are Rigged: They’re Counting The Votes In Advance (VIDEO)


ㅤ”Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky claimed Tuesday on ‘Fox & Friends’ that Congress will only call for votes if they already know the outcome in advance.”

ㅤô¿ô …I think this has been been going on among legislatures from their inception. The trouble these days is getting honest feedback in social media and the polls about their trial balloons.

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from dailycaller(.com) – 4/3/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, senate, senate republicans, senators, us-congress, rand paul. 𑗉

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GOP donors fret about Dem wave

GOP DONORS FRET ABOUT DEM WAVEp28article080529wp.jpg

ㅤ”‘It’s challenging. When you look at the historical trends, it could be tough to keep the House,’ said Brian Ballard, a Republican National Committee fundraiser and former lobbyist for the Trump Organization.
ㅤ’But the Senate map looks so good for us right now, it’s freeing up money for those who have maxed out to the Senate to do more to protect the House. That’s been the mentality of a lot of folks that I’m talking to. They know that if the Democrats take the House they’ll be looking to bury the President with investigations.'”

Full story at The Hill, image from mostinside(.com) – 3/28/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, midterm election. 𑗉

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House easily passes $1.3 trillion spending bill


ㅤ”Lawmakers approved the bill in a 256-167 vote on Thursday, with majorities in each caucus backing the measure. Ninety Republicans and 77 Democrats voted against the bill. A large numbers of conservative Republicans were among those voting no over the measure’s massive price tag and the lack of transparency in the bill-writing process.”

Full story at The Hill, image from investmentpostcards(.com) – 3/22/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans. 𑗉

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House votes to advance $1.3T omnibus

HOUSE VOTES TO ADVANCE $1.3T OMNIBUSp22article111854wp.png

ㅤ”The rule governing debate on the measure was approved in a 211-207 vote, setting up a final vote on the bill later on Thursday. The Senate will also have to approve the package to send it to the White House. The rule vote came with a lot of drama.”

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 3/22/18. Tags: congress, house, house republicans, omnibus. 𑗉

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Burned by the budget, right warns Ryan on immigration


ㅤ”House conservatives are warning Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to take a hard line on immigration or else risk facing a revolt in his own ranks.”

ㅤô¿ô …Idle threats. It’s been difficult for Republicans to pass anything in the Senate. Clearly a pattern is emerging where the House Republicans will pass anything Senate Republicans are able to pass. There is a lot less pressure on Paul Ryan. Probably why Ryan seems much happier lately.

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 2/13/18.ㅤTags: congress, house, house republicans.

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House passes deal to end shutdown


ㅤ”The bill passed in a 240-186 vote despite opposition from most Democrats, who had sought a firmer commitment from Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) that he will bring immigration legislation to the floor for a vote that would protect immigrants who came to the United States as children from deportation.”

Full story and video at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 2/9/18.ㅤTags: congress, house, house republicans, budget deal, conservative, politics.

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Passing Tax Reform Offers Republicans Another Shot to Repeal Obamacare

ㅤPictured: Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA)

ㅤ”Speaker Paul Ryan signaled that next year he wants to tackle entitlement reform, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested that Republicans should move on from repealing Obamacare. Republicans will only have a one-seat majority in the Senate in 2018, which will make more contentious issues such as welfare reform and Obamacare repeal less politically viable, although some conservatives have argued that Republicans should focus on repealing Obamacare.
ㅤRep. Dave Brat, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, contended, ‘When I go back home, the No. 1 issue, by far, is still ObamaCare and major health-care reform that’s needed to bring these skyrocketing premiums to an end.'”

Full story at Breitbart, image from gettyimages(.com) • aca, congress, dave brat, freedom caucus, house, house republicans, mark meadows, meadows, obamacare, senate, senate republicans, senators, u.s. congress ㅤ Home