Trump suspends entry for migrants who will 'financially burden the United States healthcare system'

ㅤ"Migrants will be considered people who will burden the system if they are not covered by approved health insurance within 30 days of entering the country unless they have enough money to ‘pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs.’
ㅤIt does not affect people already holding a valid immigrant visa and does not affect migrants entering the U.S. through other ways including lawful permanent residents. The change also includes exceptions for people seeking certain types of visas including visas for children of U.S. citizens.’"

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 10/4/19. See "migrants, medical costs, healthcare."

Border Patrol Official: Caravan Migrants Pushed Women and Children to Front of Clash While Assaulting Officers

ㅤ"What I find unconscionable is that people would take children intentionally into this situation. What we saw over and over yesterday was that the group, the caravan as we call them, would push women and children toward the front and then begin, basically, rocking our agents."

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 11/26/18. See "migrants, border wall, caravan."

Watch: “Migrants” Attacking U.S. Border, Getting Tear Gas for Their Efforts

Story via Trigger Reset.

Full story and video at Trigger Reset. Posted here on 11/26/18. See “mexican border, tijuana, migrants, tear gas”.

Trigger Reset

The Mexican border was closed Sunday at the San Ysidro Port of Entry after a group of migrants in Tijuana stormed the area, prompting the U.S. Border Patrol to fire what appeared to be tear gas at the group.

The incident marks a serious escalation in the tensions that have roiled Tijuana in recent weeks as thousands of migrants from Central America have amassed there with hopes for entering the United States.

President Trump has vowed to seal off the Mexican border in recent days and pushed to keep any migrants in Mexico as they await the immigration process.

As Mexican authorities tried to move the migrants away from the border, gridlock was occurring in what is one of the world’s busiest international crossings.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection closed northbound and southbound access, as well as pedestrian access, to the port of entry around 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

Extra Border…

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Mexico agrees to Trump policy forcing migrants to wait in Mexico as asylum requests processed: report

ㅤ"Mexican officials and senior members of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s transition team told The Washington Post that the incoming administration accepted the plan, called ‘Remain in Mexico,’ in a sharp change to long-standing asylum rules that allowed migrants to file asylum claims after entering the U.S. either legally or illegally.
ㅤ’For now, we have agreed to this policy of Remain in Mexico,’ Olga Sánchez Cordero, Mexico’s incoming interior minister and the top domestic policy official for the President-elect, told The Post, calling it a ‘short-term solution.’
ㅤ’The medium- and long-term solution is that people don’t migrate,’ Sánchez Cordero added. ‘Mexico has open arms and everything, but imagine, one caravan after another after another, that would also be a problem for us.’"

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 11/24/18. See "migrants, mexico, asylum."

DHS chief: Traffic lanes shut near San Diego after migrants planned 'to rush border'

ㅤ"’This AM, all of SanYsidro Port of Entry’s northbound lanes were temporarily closed to initiate additional port hardening efforts after @CBP officials were notified that a large # of caravan migrants were planning to rush the border in an attempt to gain illegal access to the US,’ Nielsen wrote in a tweet."

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 11/19/18. See "san diego, cbp, dhs, migrants."

U.S. Military, DHS Conduct Training Exercises Ahead of Caravan Migrants

ㅤ"U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in the Tucson Sector teamed up with Department of Defense (DOD) personnel to conduct training exercises and harden ports of entry in advance of the anticipated arrival of Central American caravan migrants. Officials estimate the region could become saturated with thousands seeking asylum or crossing the border illegally."

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 11/15/18. See "caravan, migrants, border."

Another migrant caravan gathering at Guatemala border

ㅤ"Hundreds of Honduran migrants hoping to seek asylum in the U.S. are gathering at the Guatemala-Mexico border to embark on a second migrant caravan.
ㅤBetween 1,500 and 4,000 people will reportedly gather in the town plaza of Tecun Uman, Guatemala, to launch a similar caravan like the one that passed through the town just days prior, USA Today reported Friday.
ㅤThe bridge connecting Tecun Uman to Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, is closed but the newspaper reported that the migrants are planning to cross the Suchiate River in two groups. They will either take rafts, which charge 20 quetzals, or $2.50, per person, or wade through the waist-deep water."

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 10/26/18. See "caravan, migrants."

Trump administration weighing order to bar Central American migrants from claiming asylum: report

ㅤ"President Trump is reportedly considering implementing a plan to block Central American migrants fleeing for the U.S. from claiming asylum when they reach American soil.
ㅤThe move reported by the Washington Post Thursday night is the latest potential escalation in the President’s preoccupation with a caravan of such migrants slowly trekking toward the the southern border.
ㅤThe report said Trump is looking at using authority like he did when he implemented a travel ban on certain majority Muslim countries to bar Central Americans from entering the country as a matter of national security."

Full story at The Hill. Posted here on 10/26/18. See "caravan, migrants."

DHS to cancel Obama-era foreign investor immigration program


ㅤ"The Trump administration moved Friday to officially revoke an Obama-era program designed to entice foreign entrepreneurs to move to the U.S. to invest their cash in businesses here, saying the previous administration overstepped its powers.
ㅤThe revocation, if it becomes final, would be yet another blow to President Obama’s attempts to rewrite the immigration system by executive fiat — a policy that also included the DACA deportation amnesty for illegal immigrant ‘Dreamers,’ a broader prohibition on deportations of most illegal immigrants, and new programs to allow more people to enter legally.
ㅤThe International Entrepreneur program fell into that latter category, with Mr. Obama intending it to be another way for foreign businessmen to skip the usual immigration process and gain a foothold in the U.S."ㅤ

Full story at The Washington Times, image from allenbwest(.com) – 5/25/18. See "obama-era, immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants."ㅤHome

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Trump: No immigration deal unless 'real wall,' good security


ㅤ"Moderate House Republicans are pushing a deal that could lead to citizenship for young ‘Dreamer’ immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally. But the President told ‘Fox & Friends’ in an interview that aired Thursday that unless a bill ‘includes a wall, and I mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it includes very strong border security, there’ll be no approvals from me.’"ㅤ

Full story at The Washington Times, image from brightspotcdn(.com) – 5/24/18. See "immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants."ㅤHome

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What is the migrant caravan that Trump is tweeting about?


ㅤ”‘They must stop them at their Northern Border, which they can do because their border laws work, not allow them to pass through into our country, which has no effective border laws,’ the President said on Twitter.”

Full story at The Hill, image from npr(.org) – 4/2/18. Tags: caravans, migrants, mexico, honduras, people without borders. 𑗉

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Trump demands ‘nuclear option’ and no more DACA deal


ㅤ”President Trump said Sunday that Republicans must change Senate laws in order to pass tougher border and immigration legislation. In a position shift, he also said the GOP should no longer make a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program deal with Democrats.”

Full story at The Hill, image from newsinc(.com) – 4/1/18. Tags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, daca, nuclear option. 𑗉

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Extreme vetting: State Dept. to demand tourists’ social media history


ㅤ”The State Department will publish new rules this week that would require most visitors and immigrants to the U.S. to turn over their recent social media histories, carrying out one of President Trump’s key security enhancements from his extreme vetting executive order.
ㅤTravelers would also be asked to list previous phone numbers, email addresses and international travel during the previous five years, and to detail any immigration problems they’ve had, whether with the U.S. or elsewhere. They’ll also be asked about potential family connections to terrorism.
ㅤAnd in a striking human rights move, would-be immigrants from countries where female genital mutilation is prevalent would be directed to a website ensuring they’re aware the practice — common in some African countries — is illegal in the U.S.”

Full story at The Washington Times, image from marfeel(.com) – 3/29/18. Tags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, extreme vetting. 𑗉

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Immigration agency’s latest California focus hits San Diego


ㅤ”Federal immigration agents arrested 115 people during a three-day operation in the San Diego area amid heightened tensions between the Trump administration and the state of California over immigration enforcement.
ㅤIt was U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s third California Zoperation in barely a month, following one in the Los Angeles area that resulted in 212 arrests and one in Northern California that had 232 arrests.”

Full story at The Washington Times, image from marfeel(.com) – 3/16/18.ㅤTags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, california, san diego.

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Italy’s voters issue warning to Europe


ㅤ”While the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi had been seen as leading the centre-right coalition, early results showed he was beaten by his younger rival on the right, Matteo Salvini, following a campaign in which Salvini emphasised support for radical immigration policies, including mass deportations of immigrants who are in Italy illegally.”

ㅤô¿ô …Election results show more voters rejecting the EU and illegal immigration.

Full story at The Guardian, image from breitbart(.com) – 3/5/18.ㅤTags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants.

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Supreme Court rules immigrants can be held indefinitely with no bond hearings


ㅤ”The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that immigration officials can continue to indefinitely detain immigrants during proceedings to determine the legality of their status in the U.S.
ㅤIn the 5-3 decision, which Justice Elena Kagan took no part in, the Supreme Court reversed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that ruled detained immigrants must receive bond hearings every six months to determine if their continued detainment was necessary.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from publicbroadcasting(.net) – 2/27/18.ㅤTags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants.

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Senate defeats first of four immigration bills


ㅤ”Senators on Thursday defeated a compromise immigration bill that tried to pair legal protection for Dreamers and about $3 billion in border security funding, far short of what President Trump was demanding.
ㅤThe bill was the first of four immigration proposals the Senate was expected to vote on Thursday, all of which were at risk of failing.
ㅤThe first proposal was offered by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Chris Coons, D-Del., and was seen by Republicans as the weakest of the four offerings up today. Most Republicans and President Trump are looking for $25 billion in border wall funding, plus other measures to tamp down on immigration levels.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from townhall(.com) – 2/15/18.ㅤTags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants.

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McConnell: Senate should finish immigration debate this week


ㅤ”‘Senators have had plenty of time to prepare. There’s no reason why we should not reach a bipartisan solution this week,’ McConnell said from the Senate floor.”

Full story and video at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 2/13/18.ㅤTags: immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, daca.

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Collins optimistic Congress will reach immigration deal


ㅤ”‘I give the President credit for putting it in writing and saying this is what he wants to see happen, despite the criticisms. There’s going to be criticism on both sides no matter what we come up with,’ Collins said on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation.'”

Full story at The Hill, Image from thehill(.com) – 1/28/18. Tags collins, immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, susan collins, conservative, politics.

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Trump: Democrats only want to use DACA, not solve it


ㅤTRUMP: DEMOCRATS ONLY WANT TO ‘USE’ DACA, NOT SOLVE ITㅤ”The President’s proposal asks for tough concessions from Democrats, as it would not only shore up border security, including funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but also reduce legal immigration due to changes to the lottery program and new limits on family-based legal immigration.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, dreamers, daca, conservative, politics) – 1/28/18

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