Wilfred Michael Stark arrested in assault on Kristin Davison, Adam Laxalt's campaign manager

Pictured: Nevada state Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt

ㅤ"A man was arrested after pushing into a room, thrusting a camera forward, trying to question state Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and grabbing the woman heading the Republican candidate’s bid for governor, a campaign official said Wednesday."

Full story at The Washington Times. Posted here on 10/17/18. See "adam laxalt, nevada, las vegas."

Dean Heller and Jacky Rosen in 47-45 Nevada Dead Heat

ㅤ”Heller is seen by Democrats as vulnerable after holding his seat by just one point in 2016 in a state that Hillary Clinton won. The New York Times reported that seven percent of the 642 Nevada voters were either undecided or refused to answer whether they would vote Heller or Rosen.”

Full story at Breitbart. Posted here on 10/12/18. See “dean heller, nevada.”

Heller leads Dem Senate challenger by 1 point: poll

Pictured: Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (R)

ㅤô¿ô …Republicans will for sure have a hard time in states with big cities full of Trump-hating, socialist, federal tax dollar thieves.

Full story…at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 4/25/18. Tags: nevada, dean heller. 𑗉

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