Coons: ‘Gravely Concerned’ About America Remaining ‘Beacon of Freedom’ If We Have Only Blind Trump Loyalists in Senate

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)

ㅤô¿ô …It’s good when Dem politicians speak jibberish. Not even Dems can take their leaders seriously.

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Trump Haters Plan To Scream Into The Sky On Election Anniversary

ㅤ”The event is set to take place across the country on November 8. The idea originated in Boston but quickly spread across the fruited plains to like-minded urban areas including New York, Austin, and Philadelphia.”

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Black Lives Matter Students Shut Down ACLU Event, Argue ‘Liberalism Is White Supremacy’

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ㅤAgreed. Liberal policies have provided Blacks with more opportunity for education, leadership and gainful employment. But they have not succeeded in making Blacks FEEL any different than before those opportunities were made available.
ㅤI think African-Americans need their own new homeland. The homeland for them would be like Israel is the homeland for Jews. Blacks could choose to move to their homeland or remain in the U.S. There would be no reason for them to feel trapped in the USA.

Democrat Running for Paul Ryan’s Seat Stuns Even CNN Hosts With Plan to Pay for Universal Health Care

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“When Bryce was confronted about his position during an interview with CNN, he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a $32 trillion tax hike in order to pay for the single-payer.”

Clueless Randy Bryce…

The Left Is Accusing Trump of Using ‘Racist Slur’ During Fox Interview

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ㅤ”When asked how he can get past the ‘obstruction’ of Democrats when lawmakers like Warren are claiming people are literally going to die because of the GOP health care bill, Trump said:ㅤ’I think she’s a hopeless case.ㅤI call her Pocahontas.ㅤAnd that’s an insult to Pocahontas.ㅤI actually think that she’s just somebody that’s got a lot of hatred, a lot of anger.'”

ㅤ😎 HAHA !

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