Trump’s Enhanced Vetting Is Having A Huge Impact On Refugee Admissions

ㅤ”The Trump administration restarted refugee admissions in late October after the end of a 120-day suspension that was part of the revised travel ban. In the five weeks since the suspension was lifted, the U.S. admitted 40 percent fewer people than it did in the final five weeks the ban was in effect, reports Reuters, citing State Department data.”

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Supreme Court allows Trump travel ban enforcement to move forward

ㅤ”The ban, which Trump has attempted to implement via executive order twice since his original ban got tied up in court, suspends travel into the U.S. for applicants from six Muslim-majority countries.
ㅤThe Supreme Court gave President Trump a major victory Monday when it allowed his travel ban to take effect after weeks of legal challenges that had stalled its implementation.'”

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A Dozen States Back Travel Ban 3.0 At The Supreme Court

ㅤ”Through its latest travel ban, the Trump administration has taken significant and common-sense steps to upgrade vetting and national security procedures vital to protecting Texas and the rest of the country from terrorism,’ Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said. ‘We’re hopeful the Supreme Court will agree with our coalition that the travel ban is lawful and constitutional, and should be enforced in its entirety.”

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Steve Bannon Says One Thing Has Forever Broken the Democrat Party

ㅤ”Stephen K. Bannon believes that the Democratic Party’s obsession with identity politics will ultimately backfire against them. In fact, he believes this has broken the party to such a degree that it will never recover.”

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